Rick Perry Enters the Race (And his Top 5 Anti-Gay bullet points)








Top 5 Examples of Perry’s Anti-Gay Agenda | ThinkProgress.

The other day on the FOX news website, they had an article asking if Rick Perry’s entrance into the presidential campaign was a “game changer”.  My reply, naturally, is that no it doesn’t change the game much at all.  If anything, he’s nothing more than a male version of Michelle Bachmann:  anti-gay/anti-choice/fundamentalist…. the only thing Perry hasn’t done is compare himself to a serial killer yet.

So the good news is that Perry will split the religious zealot vote between himself and Michelle “submission means respect despite that not being the actual definition” Bachmann.    The bad news is, he will never get the GOP nomination.  I say that’s bad news because it would almost certainly guarantee another four years of a Democratic president.

No, there will be no Perry or Bachmann on the ticket, not even in a VP position.  Even the GOP knows they will lose more voters than they will gain by running religious zealots.   While it’s true the country does still consider religion to be an important aspect of a candidate’s viability, there’s a big difference between someone who goes to church every sunday and someone who holds christian-only rallies or has a husband who thinks gays can be “taught” to not be gay (when not comparing them to barbarians).

Smart money remains on Romney and a VP to be determined.  Maybe Jon Huntsman?


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