Perry Prayer Rally Puts 2012 Prospect in Spotlight –

Perry Prayer Rally Puts 2012 Prospect in Spotlight –

I really don’t have a problem with Perry doing his “day of prayer”, although I find it a bit disconcerting that a potential GOP presidential candidate believes that the only way to solve the countries problems is to pray for divine intervention.  I guess I’m just one those crazy people who think that maybe if our politicians actually did some real work and put aside partisan politics, things could get better (yes, I know… dream on, right?).

I do, however, have a problem with the people financing this ‘day of prayer’.

The rally is financed by The American Family Association, a Tupelo, Miss.-based group that opposes abortion and gay rights and believes that the First Amendment freedom of religion applies only to Christians.

Obviously there is something very, very wrong with the last part of that statement.   The first amendment only applies to christians?  Well, no, clearly it doesn’t.

So my problem with Perry participating in this event is that, unless he comes out and denounces the AFA’s ridiculous position on the first amendment, then by his silence he is endorsing that belief.  Now that I have  a real problem with.


4 responses to “Perry Prayer Rally Puts 2012 Prospect in Spotlight –

  1. I didn’t know the AFA thought the 1st Amendment applied only to Christians… not sure how you could justify that idea. If that’s true, it will be interesting to see if Perry says anything about that.

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