Two random thoughts…

Usually when I post a blog it’s to rant about religion, but since this is April Fool’s day I figured I’d step away from that for a moment and talk about some random stuff instead.

For instance, I’m moving and it’s none too fun.  Packing stuff up is a pain in the ass once you’ve moved past the easy stuff.  Sure, books and dvds are easy enough, but then you start getting to the other stuff… like dishes, curios, and fragile things which actually require a bit more effort than just stacking them inside a cardboard box.    That’s not to mention just the mess that occurs while you’re stacking boxes and trying to keep things accessible  (like being able to move around the living room).  On the plus side, we’ve been able to start moving some stuff down to my mother-in-law’s, so we don’t have everything cluttering the apartment at the moment.  We even made a trip to Goodwill yesterday to drop off some clothes and some dishes we no longer need and don’t want to carry with us.

Ok, let’s talk about religion real quick:

There’s been a lot of talk in the past day or so about the Afghan President signing laws that technically allow rape in marriage and that it’s based on Shia law.  Well gosh folks, take a step back and think about it.  All Karzai is doing is using religious beliefs to determine the rules of marriage.  It’s basically his version of “protecting traditional marriage”.  You’d think all the right-wing loons in the United States would be supporting this bill.  All it’s doing is taking the current stance of “traditional marriage” and taking it a step further than being between a man and a woman and going back to the original basis of marriage:  that women are property of men.  Why are people in the U.S. so outraged.  This is what they want isn’t it?  A defense of truly traditional marriage?

Take a good hard look people.  This is what happens when politics knuckles under to fundamentalists.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in Afghanistan or here in the U.S..


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